It’s Here!

The newest breakthrough formula in hair bonding technology, Epres Treatment is now available at Rosser in Liverpool.

We can’t lie, we’ve switched up a very popular and well-known alternative because we found the results to be phenomenal on the way your hair looks and feels. This is your secret to repairing damaged hair and maintaining healthy hair.

We’re also really excited about the new treatments we can now offer at Rosser, which include a lightening service.

Epres is created by World-renowned material scientist Eric Pressly Ph.D (Google him – he’s a smart cookie!) it is completely fuelled by scientific research and its vegan!

Epres works on all hair types and textures and most clients will be able to say goodbye to damaged hair in a single treatment!

Benefits include:

  • Acid-free
  • Actively re-bonds the hair structure
  • Continues to repair hair for hours
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free.
  • Free from formaldehyde and parabens
  • Made with biodegradable ingredients

Rosser is the only salon in Liverpool that stocks Epres and you’d have to go all the way to Manchester to find the next closest salon.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Book in for a stand-alone Epres treatment or have it as an added extra at your colour appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

Epres Explained

Is it just another ‘plex treatment?

Rather like a ‘plex’ treatment, Epres will repair the disulfide bonds, which form the internal structure of healthy hair. When you re-build the bonds using Epres patent-pending technology, you’ll experience softer, stronger, hair with less breakage and reduced frizz.

Can I use it on my extensions?

We are a top hair extensions salon in Liverpool, so we wouldn’t choose a product that doesn’t work with extensions. Your extensionist will talk to you about how to use it, though, because you’ll need to avoid any tape or adhesive.

Should I use it every day?

No! We recommend that you start with a treatment in the salon where your stylist will advise you on how often you should use Epres. For most clients that will be a maximum of twice a week.

Epres Treatments at Rosser

Epres Root Application: £17.50
Epres Global Application: £24.50
Epres Gloss Application: £17.50
Epres Partial Lightening: £17.50
Epres Half Lightening Service: £24.50
Epres Full Lightening Service: £28.00