3 Summer Hair Trends For 2022

davines over

The summer is here! Get ready to bask in the heat, enjoy the long summer nights and really let your hair down. 

The last few years have seen the return of the mullet, the shag and even brought curtain bangs back! But what does summer of this year have in store for us where hair is concerned? While retro is in again, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends for the hottest season. 

1920s meets 2022

This summer seems to be following the script and we are still time travelling through the decades, especially with the 1920s inspired bob. The sleek, jaw-length style is sure to make a statement, leaving your head feeling lighter so you can look as cool as you feel. 

Paired with baby bangs for an edgier look, we can see the roaring twenties returning this summer. 

Mullet madness

Mullets are still enjoying a number one spot and their popularity hasn’t diminished.. and we absolutely love it. The 80s might have taken disco from us, but they arguably gave us the best hairstyle in history. Popular with both men and women and far more versatile than you could imagine, the mullet is fit for anyone. 

Keep it long and subtle or go the full mile and buzz the top clean off, mullets are here to stay and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

Pixie Cute 

Zoë Kravitz wowed us on the big screen this year when she featured as Catwoman in The Batman (2022) and it’s not hard to see why. The sleek, sexy pixie cut is a bold but beautiful choice this summer. Not only practical in the heat, this super short, super sweet but still super sexy hairstyle is sure to add a little sprinkle of magic to your look. 

Slicked back, styled or just left to its own devices, this style is sure to make a statement and leave you looking fantastic. 

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