Racoon hair extensions

Racoon Extensions

Get luxe links or luxe weaves for luxurious long-lasting locks at our salon in Liverpool.

As the leading hair extensions salon in Liverpool, we’re all about choice and are 100% committed to giving you your perfect hair extensions – whatever your hair type or budget.

We have now introduced Racoon International Luxe Links and Racoon International Luxe Wefts to our extensions portfolio to guarantee we have the best option for you.

Racoon International use premium quality human hair that is all cuticle-correct (aka ‘remi hair’) for gorgeous, glamorous locks.

They work with a leading trichologist to ensure that they minimise damage to your natural hair and are available in up to 15 different colours and 2 lengths, enabling us to give you the hair you always dreamed of.

Luxe Links

Luxe Links are the smallest (and we believe best) micro rings available.

They lay beautifully flat to the head and are undetectable, so you can style your hair any way you want to without having to worry that your bonds will be spotted.

Racoon Luxe Links have been tested by the leading trichologist Ian Sallis who says they are incomparable to other micro ring extensions because they use a laminated ring material that does not create the sharp edges that can damage the hair. They also give the perfect weight distribution between the natural scalp hair and the extensions for long-lasting results.

If you decide Luxe Links are your preferred hair extensions you can expect results that last for 6 to 12 weeks before they need to be removed and re-applied. When you look after them properly, and follow the aftercare advice given to you by your stylist, you can expect them to last for up to one year.

Your Luxe Links will need to be removed properly by one of our professionals in the salon, but it is a quick process that takes less than half an hour.

Racoon Luxe Links extensions
Luxe weave hair extensions


Luxe Weaves are awesome!

They are literally the perfect temporary hair extensions that can be applied and removed really quickly without the need for glue, braiding, or sewing.

We can use them to add length or volume to your hair really quickly and they have been independently tested to prove that they do not do any damage to your hair.

We know how popular LA weaves are, so we’re keen to add that sort of extension to our repertoire, but it needed to be the right one and this. It. It!

They use very fine and flexible weave strips that eliminate light reflection so the attachment is completely undetectable.  They’re also quick to reply, so you can be in and out in your lunch break!

Luxe Weaves are a great choice for everyday life, but we’re also huge fans of them if you’ve got a special occasion like a prom, wedding, party or ladies day at Aintree.

That will depend on your budget, your current hair and what you want your hair to look like. We thoroughly recommend that you come to your consultation with an idea of what your dream hair looks like, but no pre-conceived ideas of exactly how you’re going to get that result. That way your stylist can give you impartial advice about what’s going to look best for you. That may be a Luxe Link or Luxe Weave, but it may also be Great Lengths  or London Lab extensions.

Don’t be daft! You can go for whatever look you love. Luxe Links and Weaves are available in 18 inch lengths so we can create the long and lovely looks that many of our clients love. However, they are also perfect for adding volume to the sides of your hair to make it more voluminous or even adding a commitment-free fringe.

Luxe links will need to be removed and re-applied every 6 to 12 weeks, Luxe weaves need replacing after 4 weeks, but if you’ve looked after your extensions, the hair can be removed and re-used. Many of our clients wear their extensions for up to 6 months and sometimes even longer.

In short you’ll need the right shampoo, conditioner and hairbrush and you’ll also need to think about how you sleep at night. Your extensionist will talk you through it at your consultation and again at the fitting appointment.

Yes, definitely. We give all our extensions clients a consultation so that we can choose the right bonding method for them and colour match the hair. At your consultation, we’ll start to talk to you about how to look after them because that’s how you’ll get the best results.

The price of your extensions will depend on the look you’d like to achieve, the type of bond (tapes or keratin bonds) and whether we use Great Lengths of London Lab hair extensions. Book in for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the costs of giving you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

If you have tape-in hair extensions they will usually need to be removed after 4-6 weeks, but if you have cared for them well, we will be able to re-tape and re apply them.

Bonded hair extensions will be removed as part of your service. They can last for up to six months with great aftercare. This is great for those pushed for time who appreciate minimal visits to the salon. Great Lengths advise getting a new set of hair extensions each time, as re-bonding doesn’t last as long and bonds are not as discreet.

Weft hair extensions such as LA weave method and micro beaded will need to be taken out and refitted after approximately 4-7 weeks, depending on length-weight-hair type etc.

Micro beads and Nano bead individual extensions normally need to be removed and re applied after about 8-12 weeks. Again this varies based on the length, hair type and you natural hair.

Yes, of course you can. Although ideally we like to colour your hair first and colour match it to the extensions. We get it though, your mood changes, you might fancy a new colour so you want to know your extensions can come along for the ride!