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Hair Loss Specialists

Our Team of hair loss specialists in Liverpool are here to find a perfect solution to create natural-looking thicker, healthier hair. 

Thinning and unexpected hair loss can be a truly heart-breaking experience. 

Our Hair Loss experts Beverley and Sarina understand what a delicate subject it is and they also know the best possible solutions to restore your hair and help you regain your confidence.

They will listen to your story, analyse your hair and scalp and recommend a personalised surgery-free solution to help you.

Hair loss conditions Beverley and Sarina have helped clients manage include: male and female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, trichotillomania and telogen effluviam.


Some of our proven methods of helping to manage hair loss we offer in Liverpool are Full Prosthetic Scalp Wig Pieces and Bespoke Made to Measure Jigsaw Pieces that can cover bald patches.

In some cases we may be able to offer a solution that uses hair extensions to create the illusion of fullness or cover thinning areas.

Please know that we will only offer you a solution because we believe it will work for you and your hair. On occasion, we may advise you not to do anything to your bald patch or to leave it for some time to start to heal itself. We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but we strongly advise you to follow our expert advice.

Hair replacement

GL Volume

If you’re experiencing thinning hair or sparse spots around the crown area, GL Volume is a proven system to safely and comfortably cover your hair loss for a natural-looking finish.

GL Volume uses premium natural hair, sourced by Great Lengths, that is hand sewn into a lace net. Your bespoke piece is attached to your natural hair using clever GL Keratin drops and a GL braid for results that are undetectable.

In less than an hour, you can have the full head of hair that can last for 4-6 weeks before being removed and re-fitted. A well-cared for GL Volume can last for 8 confidence-boosting months.

Your GL Volume will be completely personalised to you, using a net that closely matches your natural base and a beautiful blend of Great Lengths shade to perfectly blend with your hair. Call the salon to find out if GL Volume is the non-surgical hair loss replacement solution you have been crying out for.


Our hair rejuvenation appointments always begin with a very thorough consultation to sensitively discuss your concerns. This consultation will take place in our quiet hair extensions area and you can request a screen should you wish to do so.

We will then advise you of the potential options available to add thickness to your hair or hide any patchiness and the costs and time your treatment will take.

During this appointment, we may need to take a number of measurements of your scalp any balding patches.

You will be required to make an initial payment for the cost of any hair or pieces that are required.

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