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Visit Rosser Hairdressing, Liverpool’s best hair extensions salon.


We’re confident we’ve delivered and we can’t wait for you to really feel listened to, and get the hair you love from one of the very best hairdressers in Liverpool.


Our expert team excel in all aspects of hair colouring. With our constant training and education we can offer the latest techniques and trends and the perfect colour selection.

We use Color.Me by Kevin Murphy because it’s good for the environment and good for your hair. You are going to love it!

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All our team are highly trained in all aspects of percision cutting, from hair extension blending to textured pixie cuts. We have you covered. We never do average, all our cut & finsh come with a full home hair maintenance plan and lesson, ensuring you can re create your style at home 365 days a year. Why not enjoy our KMX cut and finish. Which includes scalp and hair detox, rejuvenating deep hair repair therapy, Beautiful head massage and your cut and finish.


We specialise in both fashion forward session styling and classic looks, with on trend and current styles to keep you looking top of your game.

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Hair Extensions

Rosser is the only Elite Great Lengths Salon in the north west of England. We have been awarded this for our experience and the exceptional results that we deliver. Great Lengths are available in keratin bond or tape method and are our favourite extensions.

We also use other methods and brands, which enables us to transform our clients’ hair and help to achieve their desired look while working within their budgets.

We can create anything from a thicker fringe area to a full-head transformation. There is no job too big or too small. We love to make change and boost confidence.

Hair Loss

Beverley and Sarina are our specialists in hair loss replacement, who can advise you on your best option to achieve the look you desire. We offer many different methods and applications. These include Full Prosthetic Scalp Wig Pieces to Bespoke Made to Measure Jigsaw Pieces to fill patches of your hair that may be missing and everything in between.

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Rosser uses only the best! KeraStraight is world renowned for its smoothing ability, while maintaining the most beautiful condition. So if you’re look for frizz-free, easier to manage hair, a Smoothing Treatment is the service for you.

You will require a patch test a minimum of 48 hours before your Smoothing Treatment.


At our salon we have an amazing range of intense and bespoke treatments to suit all hair types. Kevin Murphy + Olaplex are the leading two that can give your hair the hit of hydration or pack a punch of protein to restore your hair to its beautiful best.

Sick, cut and healthy hair care keratin. Before and after treatment.
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Hair Lesson

A very special and bespoke appointment. This is an amazing opportunity to have your own personal one-to-one 90 minute lesson with a highly trained professional. We will help you to eliminate all those struggles and problems that arise during your daily styling routine. Wave bye bye to bad hair days!

Special Appointments

If you find yourself wanting to avoid a visit to the salon for social reasons, or simply because you don’t like all the small talk, feel free to call the salon and set a Silent Appointment. You will still receive a full consultation regarding your hair, so we can ensure you get the finished results you desire, but then sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

We also offer Secluded Appointments for guests who prefer not to be seen for cultural reasons.

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