At Rosser, we deliver the highest standard of work possible through constant education and training. All of our services include a lesson, packed with education and a hair care plan for you to achieve your desired look at home.


KMX Cut & Finish

prices from £70.00 to £87.50

Cut And Finish

prices from £53.50 to £71.00

prices from £56.00 to £78.00
Dry Cut
prices from £31.00 to £41.50
Wet Cut
prices from £37.50 to £47.50
*Standby Cut & Finish
prices from £42.00

* Must be requested during time of booking and appointment must be attended within 1 hour of booking.


Blow Dry Above Shoulder
prices from £29.00 to £39.00
Blow Dry Below Shoulder
prices from £34.00 to £46.50
prices from £29.00 to £39.50
Chopstick/Tight Curling
prices from £50.00 to £65.50
Hair Up
prices from £39.00 to £49.50
WOW Blow Dry with Tonging
prices from £39.50 to £49.50
Curly Blow Dry or Extensions Blow Dry
prices from £39.50 to £49.50


Price by Quotation
Colour Correction / Colour Change
prices by quotation
prices from £31 – £55 Flash Face Framing
prices from £35.00 Partial Foils
prices from £38.00 Quarter Head Foils 
prices from £56.50 Full Head Foils
prices from £98.50 Half Head Foils
prices from £78.50
Tint Regrowth
prices from £43.00
Extended Tint Re-Growth / Root Smudge

prices from £57.50

Partial Root Tint Touch Up

prices from £21.00

Global Colour (above shoulder)
prices from £59.50
Global Colour (below shoulder)
prices from £71.00
Colour Melting (below shoulder)
prices from £65.50
Bleach Re Growth
prices from £68.00
Colour Melting (bob length)
prices from £55
pH.D Acid Boost

When having two colour services 15% will be taken from the lower value service. All colour prices exclude cut or blow dry.


Bonds, Beads & Tapes
By Quotation
GL Foundation Blowdry
GL Volume
By Quotation
Braided or Invisi Weft (Application Only)
£27.00 – £32.50 Per Row
La Weave (Application Only)
£27.00 – £32.50 Per Row
Bespoke Hair Replacement

By Quotation

Your extensionist will be able to work within your budget to help you get the fabulous hair you deserve.


Kerastraight smoothing* 
£165 – £251

*Your Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment includes a complimentary shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of your treatments


Olaplex no 8 Mask
Olaplex stand alone short
Olaplex stand alone mid
Olaplex stand alone long
Olaplex in colour
Olaplex in Lightner
Kevin Murphy luxury
Kevin Murphy express
Kevin Murphy treat me
Scalp Spa Treatment

* Includes free shampoo and conditioner


 (90 Min 1 to 1 training) £115

Professional Hair Lesson

Are you tired of having bad hair days ?

Are you wanting to cut down your spending on styling sessions at the salon ?

Whatever the goal! No matter how big or small, we can help!

Cows lick wont sit flat?

Cant get volume?

Hair always going frizzy?

Need to cover thinning areas?

We will now be offering these amazing hair lessons.

90 mins of one-to-one professional help.

Bring along your own tools, hairdryers, brushes. Whatever you use at home. Let your professional help you to step by step master your chosen looks.

Whether its a treat to yourself or a gift for your loved one. They will not be dissappointed.


When calling the salon or booking online, a deposit will be taken to secure your appointment.

When booking online, it will make you aware that your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE. So please be sure to book the correct day.

When calling the salon there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you decide to move or cancel your appointment outside the 48 hr window we will be happy to transfer your deposit or refund. Inside the 48 hour window you will loose your deposit as the appointment which we held for you might not be able to filled.