Autumn ’22 Is All About The Fringe

Authentic cheerful ginger girl with beautiful smile, natural freckles, long hair and fringe. Attractive red head woman posing in studio. A lot of copy space.

If summer is all about natural, loose waves, autumn’s hairstyles are much more sophisticated and sleeker, welcoming back the fringe once again.

As Vogue UK says: “The fringe – in all its guises – is a popular choice in the cooler months, but even more so this year, with experimentation at the forefront of our minds.”

It highlights ‘shag bangs’ as one of the biggest trends this season, which it explains is a “touch more rock ’n’ roll than the soft curtain bangs we’ve come to know”. To imagine this look, think about a shag haircut that stops at the fringe, with lots of natural wavy texture.

Another top trend this autumn is the ‘schoolgirl fringe’. Bella Hadid is one celebrity who has been rocking this look, which ends just below the eyebrows, for some time.

The publication recognises this style is thick and full, and “done right, it’s a great way to enhance cheekbones and eyes”.

As ‘90s fashion is seeing a big revival again, so too are its hairstyles. The curtain bangs of the decade are going to be a big hit again this fall. Instead of a full, blunt fringe, it involves two pieces of hair parted at the front, reaching the jawline.

This is a popular look as many hairstyles can be worn with it, from high ponytails to top knots.

Stylist also highlighted the growing popularity of the flipped fringe – think hair that has been flipped from one side parting to the other, creating a natural lift at the front.

Trend forecaster Tom Smith said: “That effortless lift you get when your hair is tucked into an autumn coat is the vibe – glamorous without trying, highlighting super healthy, clean, lightweight, voluminous hair.”


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