Introducing Racoon Hair in Recovery to Liverpool

Hair in Recovery in Liverpool

Rosser hair in recoveryHave you heard of the Hair In Recovery programme by Racoon? It’s one of the most amazing big-hearted programmes in hairdressing and as soon as Rosser heard about it, we knew we had to bring it to Liverpool!

Salon Director Beverley has been training hard to qualify as a Hair Recovery expert and has been studying with leading trichologists to really understand the reasons why people suffer from hair loss and how to deliver the best transformations for them.

You could be suffering from hair loss due to  chemotherapy, alopecia, stress, the menopause, covid or another illness. But if your hair is long enough and you have a healthy scalp, it’s likely you can have fuller, healthier looking hair using a sensitive application of Racoon Luxe Bonds.

The Hair in Recovery programme at Rosser Hairdressing, Liverpool also offers discounts on the cost of the hair if you have experienced hair loss or thinning hair due to illness.

Restoring Confidence with Hair Recovery

Sandra suffered from thinning hair due to a combination of stress and the menopause, so Beverley gave her a safe and beautiful transformation with Luxe Bonds.

Take a look at the seamless colour blend that could not look more natural!  It feels lightweight on the head and is virtually undetectable.

Sandra was SOOOOOOO happy with the results!

If you’re suffering from hair loss and want to regain your confidence we’d love to help you. Give the salon a call on 0151 722 2244 to see how Hair Recovery in Liverpool can help you.