AMAZING transformation for client suffering with Alopecia

Extensions for Alopecia sufferer

How’s this for a hair transformation?!

Our client came in wanting some help with hair loss as a result of Alopecia. With the help of Beverley’s magic hands and the Great Lengths Tape Slims application, Beverley has transformed our lovely client’s hair – and her confidence too.

We think you’d have to agree that the results are pretty amazing, even if we do say so ourselves!

After an initial consultation and assessing two large alopecia patches, it was decided that the only suitable option for our client at this time was Great Lengths Tapes Slims. These are discreet and lightweight, which makes moving around a lot easier – all while maintaining the health of the hair as best as possible.

Tapes are a great option for Alopecia sufferers because we are able to create a blanket effect over the affected area and thicken the hair, so the Alopecia patches are no longer visible.  When it comes to extensions, it’s all about that blend!

Once the hair starts to grow back, we will reassess the hair and look at other options for our client and will continue to offer our support and expertise throughout her hair journey.

We understand what a delicate subject hair loss and thinning is, and we also know the best possible solutions to restore your hair and your confidence too. We’ll only ever offer you a solution because we believe it will work for you and your hair, and we won’t do anything that could compromise your that.

If you are affected by Alopecia, hair loss or thinning and need our expert advice, book a consultation with our Hair Loss experts today.