How To Choose The Right Fringe For Your Face Shape


When it comes to haircuts, going for a new fringe is always a big decision. It can change the way you look dramatically, so it’s important that you choose the best one for your face shape – or you could spend a few months really regretting your decision.

If you have a round face, for example, a side fringe could be a great idea, as you’ll find that they’re really flattering and can help to make your face seem longer and more oval in shape.

Alternatively, those of you out there with more square or oblong faces might be better served if you go for an A-shaped fringe. Square faces are often more angular and wider at the cheek area, so a softer fringe can help counteract this, as well as softening the jawline and really making your eyes stand out.

An oval face, meanwhile, would look beautiful when framed by a softened blunt fringe. These can be cut straight across the forehead for a really lovely flattering look, but make sure the stylist softens it so it doesn’t sit flat against your face.

And if you have a long face, you might want to consider going for an angled side fringe – especially if you have a high forehead. This is a really great way of drawing attention away from the top of your head and drawing the eye towards the centre, so that people focus on your eyes, mouth and the lower part of the face.

Of course, it can be very tricky working out which fringe is best suited to you and your face shape, so if you’re struggling to choose and need a bit of advice and guidance, come and see us here at Rosser Hairdressing to book a session with one of our Liverpool hair stylists.