Love Island’s Rosie Williams

Rosie Williams extensions

Love Island’s Rosie Williams had visited our South Liverpool salon to get her Great Lengths Hair Extensions fitted.

Rosie mentioned that our salon was one of the nicest salons that she had ever been to, she had also said “Honestly the best extensions I’ve ever had in my hair”. Rosie loved her Great Lengths transformation, and we were happy to put a smile on her face.

To style Rosie’s hair, we used the Kevin Murphy EVER.SMOOTH and KILLER.WAVES before blow-drying. Then we used the GHD Soft Curl Tong to create luscious loose waves and finally, setting the look in place so they last all night long with the Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY FLEX.

At Rosser Hairdressing, we are a Great Lengths Platinum Salon and the ONLY Great Lengths Platinum Salon in Merseyside and the North West of England. Great Lengths can be worn by anyone! Whether you want to thicken your hair, make your hair longer and they also give thicker looking hair to anyone who suffers with hair loss! Many of our clients have explained how we have given them their confidence back! We love making our lovely clients feel good about themselves with these amazing extensions.


Here is some of feedback we have received:

“Just had my second set of Great Lengths Extensions and am thrilled with them. I was worried when the first set came out that my hair would have been damaged but it actually looked and felt in better condition than ever!”


“Just had my new great lengths. I couldn’t be without them. I literally have no hair and they have changed my life”


“My hair transformation is truly amazing. You’ve not only restored my hair (Great Lengths) you’ve also restored my confidence”