Nicole Kidman Rocks Jellyfish Bob


Over the years, we’ve seen many types of bobs. There were the pob, thanks to Victoria Beckham, the shingle bob from the 1920s, and the choppy wavy bob of the last few years to name a few. Well, now there’s a new style in town – the jellyfish bob.

For those who don’t know, this is when the hair is divided into two layers, one of top of each other. The top layer is cut in the style of a bob, just above the shoulders, while the underneath layer is several inches longer.

This extreme mullet is so-called due to its resemblance to a jellyfish, and despite this animal not being the most attractive, the hairstyle become incredibly popular on social media.

In fact, #jellyfishbob has already had 43 billion views on TikTok, and the style is set to become even more mainstream after Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman was spotted rocking the do.

The Oscar-winning 55-year-old had her hair cut in the new style for the cover of Perfect magazine lately. She showed off her famous red locks with a blunt bob at her jawline, while the rest of her poker straight hair fell to her hips.

Of course, the Aussie actress is better known for her strawberry-blonde curls, but is also famous for switching up her hairstyles over the years.

While Kidman might be the first celebrity to sport this brave look, many stars are likely to follow suit as the trend seems to be exploding on social media.


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