Top Tips For Preventing Helmet Hair

Portrait of businesswoman commuter on the way to work putting on cycling helmet, sustainable lifestyle concept.

With one of the hottest summers on record and most working professionals having returned to the office for at least some part of the week, many of us have decided to take the bike to work to enjoy the sun and get some exercise in the process.

This return to cycle-to-work schemes has led to the return of a problem for many of us who look at the hairdressing price list and want to bring a whole new style with us to work.

Helmet hair is when hair is pushed against the head by a tight-fitting helmet, be that a cycling, motorcycle or hard hat, and can be the ruination of styles that need to pop such as giant curls, rings and flowing bangs.

However, you cannot really go without a helmet, so here are some top tips to reduce the chance of helmet hair.

Wear A Headscarf/Bandana

Helmet hair is caused by a combination of friction, pressure and dirt, and two of these can be fixed by simply wearing a bandana over your hairstyle but under the helmet after you clean and dry your hair.

The combination of clean hair and a thin protective layer can go a long way to keeping everything under wraps but without damaging your hair in the long run.


Make Sure Your Helmet Fits Properly

Not only an important safety tip but having a helmet that fits properly is the best single action you can take to protect your hair whilst cycling.

A helmet needs to fit snugly on the head to ensure it provides the most protection it can, but it should not hurt to wear, nor should you feel like there is a vice on your head.

If you feel either sensation, it is time to buy a slightly bigger helmet.


Pack Some Touch-Up Equipment

Depending on your hairstyle, texture and length, packing a comb, a brush/pick and some kind of volumising spray will help to restore your hair to the glory it deserves.